These Are the Biggest 2020 Travel Trends, According to Airbnb

Airbnb has looked into its all-seeing crystal ball to come up with travel predictions for 2020. The biggest prediction from the accommodation website so far? It seems that everyone going small this year.

According to Airbnb, traveling small will be big in 2020 – meaning that travelers will be looking to maximize their travels while also minimizing their impact.

What else is coming for this year? Here are the trends that are having their moment in 2020, according to Airbnb.

Travelers Will Spend More Time Outdoors


Travelers who took part in the survey noted they’re increasingly interested in connecting with nature on their vacations. Thirty percent of Americans say they want to take more outdoorsy trips and have more natural experiences. Airbnb explains that a lot of nature-loving travelers are answering the call to the wild this year. Many people (a quarter of Americans) are planning on embarking on adventurous trips in the great outdoors.

And when people say they want to get out, they mean it. Airbnb notes that Igloos are some of the top trending listings on Airbnb this year. The Igloos are followed by campsites that are preferred by the Baby Boomers.

Travelers Will Spend More on Experiences Than Other Things

According to Airbnb’s trend survey for 2020, 57% of Americans say they prefer to spend their money on experiences over other things. In addition, 37% of Americans say they plan on increasing their spending on experiences in 2020.

Travelers Will Seek Out Trips That Are More History-centered


Another survey conducted by Airbnb found that 32% of Americans would most like to learn about history and culture this year. Airbnb history experiences have increased 271% in supply and 116% in bookings globally. Homes listed on Airbnb featuring specific historic keywords (i.e., historic, era, WWI, etc.) have already been booked 50,000 times for the year so far.

Travelers Want to Take More Conscious Food-Focused Trips

With plant-based food alternatives, mindful dietary habits are at the forefront of many travelers’ minds.


Airbnb found out that experiences that include vegan options are seeing 579% growth in supply, while those with vegetarian options are seeing a 570% growth spurt. Overall, culinary travel remains very popular on the platform, with 35% of Americans saying they most want to spend their time enjoying food experiences while on vacation. Now all they need to do is find a food-focused tiny home in the wilderness, and we would be all set.