Top 5 Best On A Budget Travel Destinations Of 2020

Traveling is a dream shared by almost everyone, but being able to afford it is just not always in the cards. Although the prices of tickets out may be scary, there are some places where local prices will have you barely spending more than you do on a normal day at home – sometimes even less! So if budgeting is essential, make sure you consider these amazing destinations with a budget that won’t break the bank so you can sit back and truly relax on your vacation.


1. Zanzibar
, Tanzania
Why wouldn’t anyone want to go island-hopping in this pristine beachside paradise! Zanzibar has a long history, beaches in every direction, and a super unique ecosystem of plants and animals you can’t find in many other places. Stay right next to the beach and stroll down its ancient alleyways without breaking your wallet at all.


2. Azerbaijan
The geography of Azerbaijan has spanned almost all of human history, with relics from the human past dating at least 300,000 years back – not to mention mud volcanoes and other fire phenomena existing to this day. Prehistoric, Zoroastrian, and Hindu temples all stand their ground through the present. But today, it’s capital city Baku is as modern as it is a testament to time.


3. Tunisia
Due to its geographical location connecting all corners of the Mediterranean to the continent of Africa, Tunisia has held a strong presence throughout many historical eras. Today, its ancient cities are largely intact, but they border golden sandy beaches and vast desert dunes – giving them loads of travel appeal, without being expensive to budget for.


4. Belgrade, Serbia
Tucked away in the Balkans, the well-kept secret of Serbia has a long history and present culture full of authentic character. With the beautiful Danube running through it, the capital city of Belgrade is a laid-back wonder that is totally easy to budget for and shouldn’t be missed.


5. Athens, Greece
Considered by many to be the birthplace of western civilization, Athens was home to many modern-day concepts that exist all around us. It housed the beginnings of modern democracy, justice, philosophy – and taxes! So many of its early monuments are still standing, and the best part is, they’re either free or completely cheap. So your visit on a budget will also be a breeze!