Things You Didn’t Realize You Can’t Take In Hand Luggage

Most of us frequent-fliers are up to date on what we can or can’t take onto a flight in our hand luggage. Sharp objects, liquids, and flammables are an obvious no nowadays, but there are other obscure miscellaneous items that you may not realize that you can’t take on board. Here’s some of them… You may be seriously surprised!

Certain Drinks

You can take most drinks on international flights arriving into the U.S, but the maximum amount is up to one liter. There is also a restriction on grown-up drinks classified over 140 proof (that’s 70% on the bottle). That means no bringing back any super-strength stuff home!

Things You Didn’t Realize You Can’t Take In Hand Luggage

Snow Globes

We all like to bring back a nice gift for loved ones from vacation, and if it’s the holiday times, perhaps you’ll choose a snow globe? Well if you do, you’ll have to wrap it up extra safely in your cabin luggage as the liquid in most snow globes exceeds the maximum of 100ml.

A Jar Of Peanut Butter

Most foods are safe to bring on board, but fluid and moist substances like peanut butter are considered liquid – other examples include jams, Nutella or soups, and so on. However, you may still be able to bring on board if the container is less than 100ml, so make sure you don’t bring any large jars as you’ll likely get it confiscated.

Things You Didn’t Realize You Can’t Take In Hand Luggage

Gel Insoles

It’s a common occurrence that you might have to take your shoes off going through security, but have you ever thought about the insoles you may have in your shoes? In recent years, any gel insoles exceeding the 3.4-ounce weight limit may well be confiscated… So best just not to chance it!

Protein Powder

From June 2018, it came into law that any powdered substances like protein powder, coffee, spices or cosmetics must be restricted to no more than 12 ounces. You can instead get little sachets rather than larger boxes and containers.

The rules and regulations of the Transportation of Security Administration change very often. It’s always best to double check on items you may be unsure about just for safe measures…don’t get caught out!