Cruises With No Stops Have Started Operating

Things have been a little different recently, largely when it comes to travel. It looks as though things could soon find a sense of normality, especially as cruises with no stops have started operating. Perhaps seeing the world isn’t so out of the question?

Setting Sail

Just because the world is still a little distant doesn’t mean that you can’t see the beauty on offer. One cruise company, Hurtigruten, is now offering 14-day cruises with a difference. Rather than making stops along the way, passengers will be permitted to stay on the boat at all times. The cruise sets off from Hamburg in Germany and travels all the way to Norway with plenty to see in between.

Changing Itineraries

Rules and regulations are changing all the time. Still, Hurtigruten says that it is confident it will be able to change itineraries at the drop of a hat if things are lifted. This means that you might be permitted to set foot on shore or head out on an excursion even though it didn’t seem possible when you set off on your cruise.

Plenty To See And Do

Although you can’t leave the cruise ship to visit other countries, you will be allowed to stretch your legs. Plus, there will be plenty to look at thanks to the mountain scenery and mountain fjords on offer. Hurtigruten is also offering the chance to use the paddleboards, kayaks, and boats. This means that guests on the cruises will be able to see the sights a little closer without breaking any rules.

The world is slowly learning how to adapt to the new normal, and it looks as though cruises with no stops could be a great step for the travel company. This might be the first cruise to start, but it probably won’t be the last we hear from the travel industry.

3 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Limerick, Ireland, Right Now

A view of Limerick

When it comes to the Emerald Isles, the majority of tourists fly into Shannon airport and skip the charms of Limerick. Yet, the beautiful Irish city has so much to offer in terms of historic sites, a vibrant art scene, and a bevy of activities perfect for all sorts of travelers. Here are three of many reasons to plan a trip there asap.

1. Visit One of Limerick’s Main Sites, King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle Overlooking the Shannon River, King John’s Castle is a fantastic site full of rich history and beautiful views. There is a new museum there that offers a hands-on, interactive tour of revolutionary politics, costumes, trade, and the famous 16th-century siege that took place in the castle. Walking up to the imposing walls of the castle is a memorable experience all on its own.

2. Delve Into the Rich History of St Mary’s Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral St Mary’s Cathedral is one of the cultural and architectural hotspots in all of Limerick. The 12th-century church bears the ups and downs in the city’s long history, making it the oldest building in the area. It’s worth exploring with an experienced tour guide who can give you a clear understanding of all the important events in this western heartland over the last couple of centuries.

3. Experience the Local Art Scene

The Hunt Museum, Limerick Much like any European city, Limerick also has its vibrant art scene. In fact, it’s more vibrant than most. Did you know that Limerick is home to works by Picasso and Renoir? That’s right. Aside from hosting the beautiful paintings of the famous Irish artist Jack B. Yeats, the city also features works of art by other prominent talents. Stop by the Hunt Museum and be sure to check the latest and permanent exhibitions at the Limerick City Gallery of Art.

In addition to these must-do activities when in Limerick, you will be impressed by the beauty of the surrounding nature and all the day-trip opportunities the towns nearby have to offer. Plan your trip today and explore away!