This Is How Hotel Designs Will Change in 2022

Renowned property dealers and architects involved in designing new and upcoming luxe hotels have predicted that technological advances like incorporating artificial intelligence in hotels will be the direction taken by hotels in 2022. Luxury hotel designer Jean-Michelle Gathy, who is responsible for designing the iconic pool of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, states that the past two years are one of the major reasons for this change. People today are looking for more luxury, lesser contact, and technological innovation in their stays.

The Technological Changes

This year, one of the area’s most prominent changes coming to hotels is the introduction of AI. The incorporation of voice technology will soon be reigning in the controlling systems of the rooms and the best practices of AI will make people more comfortable. The social distancing and health measures will transform the way elevators and services are used. According to Gathy, you will no longer have to push buttons to operate the elevator. Instead, you can just say “sixth floor,” and the elevator will take you there. These technological advancements will also be seen in hotel rooms. You will be able to adjust your ACs, TVs, etc with just a few words. The innovative designer also commented on how it’ll transform your shower experience, wherein with just a command, you can have the desired water pressure and temperature at your disposal.

The Sustainable Change

Countries today are shifting towards greener practices, and this change will be visible in hotels in the future. Furniture and materials used are also changing because of the implementation of environmental restrictions. For example, people are using scented ceramic tiles these days that look and smell like wood. You can also find impeccable copies of marble in the market. Energy sustainability is also in practice in metropolitan areas with people opting for energy-dense batteries and sustainable sources for supply, according to Gathy. Luxury hotels are doing what they can to become environmentally friendly without compromising on the aesthetics or the quality, a step toward a sustainable future.

Owning Property in Hotels

One of the most lucrative ways to prosper in the hospitality business is to offer branded hotel residences to buyers. Calling hospitality development a business, Gathy comments on how this trend of allowing guests to own property in their preferred high-end resort is here to stay. It allows hotels to get a much faster return on investment and is seeing more and more luxury hospitality companies build smaller hotels with on-site for sale properties.