Pandemic-Based Street Art Pieces Have Began Appearing Around the World

While the worldwide pandemic has been affecting almost every layer of society, it has also given rise to a new type of pandemic-based street art. Creative and touching art pieces have been spotted all around the globe, showing messages of hope, frustration, and respect. Such artwork can be seen on large walls, empty public spaces, and on the side of buildings in most countries affected by the pandemic.

Artist Corie Mattie Created Her Street Art in Less Than 48 Hours

Pandemic-Based Street Art Pieces Have Began Appearing Around the World

One art piece is nothing more than a bright yellow wall with black words in a bold font, shouting for attention. Another represents a figure wearing a face mask and sunglasses, with an open coat that reveals the word “HOPE.” A mural by artist Corie Mattie has been spotted on a wall in West Hollywood, California. Mattie actually painted her masterpiece in less than 48 hours. Artists like her continue looking for suitable walls to deliver their messages.

It’s noteworthy that throughout human history, artists have often reacted to times of great turmoil by depicting their emotions on public edifices, walls, and buildings. Such street art can be found on both the walls of ancient Pompeii and the subways cars of New York. The current pandemic has given rise to a unique trend with many of the artwork featuring masks, grimaced viruses, and messages of solidarity.

Many Unique Trends Can Be Spotted in the Pandemic-Based Street Art

Pandemic-Based Street Art Pieces Have Began Appearing Around the World

It’s uplifting to see creative artists around the world expressing themselves publicly through their street art, and some of the pieces are truly stunning and thought-inspiring. The artwork often depicts the feelings of the people, including their love for the healthcare workers, frustration at the crisis, and cynicism for the politicians, while other pieces are simply focused on encouragement.

Despite how long the current pandemic might last, one thing is certain — the direct, witty, and poignant messages of these mostly unknown street artists will remain timeless, showing that while the streets may have been devoid of people and traffic, they were not devoid of humanity.