Top Tips to Score Better Rental Car and Gas Deals for Your Next Road Trip

As everybody steps out of their houses to undertake vacations again, summer road trips have become an American favorite once again. As per the American Automobile Association, driving is the most popular medium of travel among US citizens. But the rising fuel prices and scarcity of car rental services have changed the way travelers plan their journeys. In such conditions, finalizing your car rental deals calls for wise choices and thoughtful decisions. Here are a few helpful tips to snatch overall better deals on rental cars for your road trip.

Secure Your Rental Car Early

The supply-chain issues that started in 2020 are largely prevalent this year also, keeping the car rental companies from expanding even after the visible return of travelers worldwide. According to experts, the shortage is expected to continue most profoundly in Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana. So, seal your deals as early as possible and reserve your rental car well in advance of your planned trip, to avoid the shortage and sudden price hike.

Opt for Car Sharing

The idea of rental car sharing may not seem very optimistic, but it’s undoubtedly a budget-friendly option. Over the past two years, the shortage of rental cars has actually been a boon for the car-sharing platforms, which have jumped to the scene with discount offers and lucrative deals. Though the major downside of car sharing is that, unlike with personal rentals, you’ll need to return the car to the pick-up location, instead of driving point-to-point.

Search for Cheap Gas

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the cost of fuel peaks each year in late summer due to increased demand from road trippers. This June, the fuel prices hit an all-time national high, but fortunately reduced slightly in the following months. So, keep an eye out for the current update on gas pricing. Also, several apps are available to help you find an affordable gas station on your way, sometimes even at a discounted price.

Consider an EV

This very issue of the high fuel price is making more customers try EVs as a rental option. Though EVs are comparatively scarce at rental agencies, a few companies offer EV rental options in selected major airport locations across the US. The rental deals of EVs are on the higher side for sure, but are helpful on a long trip, maximizing your time on the road with just overnight charging.