35+ Facts About Life in Switzerland We Won’t Find in a Travel Guide

Every country has some unique facts that are not available in the mass sold travel guides. Don’t believe us? Grab your snacks and reading glasses (if you need them), and get ready to learn about Switzerland like never before!

Mountainous Terrain

The Swiss Alps, the highlight of any Switzerland tour, is without a doubt in Switzerland. However, did you know less than 15% of the entire mountain range is actually in Switzerland? There are precisely 208 Swiss mountains and the Matterhorn seen on the famous Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone is included in the peaks.

Mountainous Terrain

Survive Nuclear Fallout

In these modern times, nuclear war is not a fantasy, and with any nuclear stand-off comes the risk of nuclear fallout. However, if you are in Switzerland, then you don’t have to worry even for a bit. That is because the country is well prepared with bunkers for such fallout.

Survive Nuclear Fallout

Everyone has access to one of these heavily armored shelters in their vicinity, and the countries law requires it. The army also has fully stocked bunkers, but they are disguised as charming country homes to hide in plain sight.

Even Animals Have Rights

There are animal-loving people, and then there are animal-loving Swiss. These furry little things are so adored by the Swiss people that there are laws protecting their rights. Any pet owner has to complete a course on how to take care of them before getting one.

Even Animals Have Rights

There are laws stating that social animals must be kept in pairs. So, if you are thinking of getting a guinea pig, then you must get him/her a companion! The most exciting thing is there are lawyers in Switzerland that can represent animals.

Lakes in Four Digits

Switzerland has a mountainous terrain, so it might not be a surprise that there are lakes dotted here and there, but the sheer number of lakes is astounding. The country is home to about 7,000 lakes, of which 1,500 are major ones.

Lakes in Four Digits

Lake Geneva is the largest ― it is so large that the country had to share the lake with France under the name Lac Léman. Switzerland uses these lakes and produces 60% of the countries power via hydroelectricity. So, dams and lakes are a familiar scene in this country.


Seeing how the country has so many water bodies, one might think it must be adjacent to a coast. The surprising thing is that the country is entirely landlocked. France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Liechtenstein surround Switzerland from all sides.


Due to this, the country is totally void of any kind of coastline. In fact, the closest shore is the Italian coastline, which is 200 km from the Swiss border.

Education Is Cheap

If you ever thought about getting into university but held back due to the cost, don’t worry about that here. That is because Switzerland has some of the cheapest universities. The tuition fee is comparatively low.

Education Is Cheap

Even though the fee is low, the ratings for these universities are not. Switzerland has some of the top 100 Universities in the world. Examples of these high-caliber tertiary schools include the University of Geneva.

No Crimes

From the perspective of some countries, if the populace has weapons, there is a high chance of related crime. The surprising fact is this is not true in the case of Switzerland. Almost half the Swiss population owns weapons, which is one of the world’s highest weapon ownership rates.

No Crimes

However, this does not mean the crime rate is also high. In fact, the rate at which people take lives here per 100,000 is 0.5, which is 1/10th of the rate of the U.S.

Love Their Chocolate

Everyone knows that the Swiss are famous for their chocolate, but the amount of chocolate produced and consumed in Switzerland is astounding. They exported chocolate worth about $834 billion in 2019 alone.

Love Their Chocolate

Not only that, the chocolate consumption rate is about 11 kilos of chocolate per person annually. They even have a train made out of chocolate. The Swiss contribute to 40% of the Global Chocolate production which makes sense since Swiss chocolates are world-famous.

More Neutral Than Water

Water is considered to be neutral for its non-conflictive behavior. Guess what? Switzerland, which had been in the midst of chaos during both world wars, is more neutral than this liquid. Their neutrality goes far past the wars.

More Neutral Than Water

Due to their neutral stance, Switzerland is considered as a neutral buffer by the European powers and this was sealed at the Congress of Vienna. They might be the oldest neutral nation but they are also more than prepared for any form of conflict.

One Word: CERN

If you are a science enthusiast, you must have heard about the discovery of Higgs Boson, commonly known as God Particle, back in 2012. It was discovered in an experiment conducted in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

One Word: CERN

It is the world’s leading particle physics laboratory, and it is situated within Switzerland’s borders. More specifically, it is situated near the France-Swiss border near Geneva. That is why Switzerland is the first choice for many international students who want to see this particle as the holy grail of physics.

Live Better, Live Longer

The standard of living in Switzerland is one of the most expensive in the world but the quality of life is also one of the best. They value health more than anything, which is why they are the least obese European country.

Live Better, Live Longer

This is also why their average life expectancy is 83.75 years. Not only that, but due to their way of life, the quality-of-life index of Switzerland is 88.87 out of a possible 100.

Known by Many Names

Though the country is addressed as Switzerland on the world stage, they do have other names. One such name is “Land of Switzer”, which is an old name for the Swiss people. This is also because this name is the literal English translation of the name.

Known by Many Names

You might also find the French name “La Sussie” and the German name “Die Schweiz.” In fact, the internet code domain for Switzerland is “.ch,” which stands for “Confoederatio Helvetica” for the Latin name of the country.

Stairway to Heaven

If you want to take a hike to the Neisen Mountain summit, don’t worry about the terrain. That is because the path is made of the world’s longest staircase consisting of 11,674 steps. The staircase has a height of 1,669 m or 5,476 ft, but wait, there is more…

Stairway to Heaven

Before you get weak at the knees hearing the step count, Europe’s longest continuous-cable funicular is just beside the staircase. So, just sit back and enjoy the ride for those who would prefer not to hike!

Cannot Be Outwitted

With their drink and chocolate consumption rate, one might think that the Swiss are just not that smart, but the surprising fact is that Switzerland is the home to many brilliant minds of this decade.

Cannot Be Outwitted

The country ranked eighth in a report provided by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in which the ranking was done based on the countries’ school systems using students’ math and science test scores.

Two Words: Swiss Cheese

Though people connect the word Swiss cheese with the holey cheese seen on television, the fact is that it actually has no Swiss origin. With that being said, the Swiss have some of the best cheese in the world.

Two Words: Swiss Cheese

From a big slice of Appenzeller and Emmentaler tucked into sandwiches to the creamy richness of their cheese fondue. They might not be the ones who made the iconic holey cheese, but they sure did bless us with other delicious ones.


Having a population of 8.54 million isn’t that much of a surprise. The surprise comes when you find out that about 25% of the population is foreign. Yes, you heard that right, one-fourth of their populace aren’t even Swiss.


So where are these foreigners coming from? About 80% are of European descent. So, Switzerland is actually the leading European immigration country with 19 entries per thousand inhabitants. Give it up for Switzerland for being so inclusive!


With such a diverse population, it is no wonder the people living in the country are multilingual. What might surprise you is that there isn’t one national language but four to be exact.


They use French, German, Italian, and Romansh at official levels. Recently, English is also gaining popularity among the widely used languages. So, if you are fearing how to communicate when you get there, now you can feel at ease!

Sporting History

Even though the country is small in area, it sure has marked its place in the world’s sporting history. It has hosted a number of world sports events and also held significant spots in these events.

Sporting History

Roger Federer is only one such example in the court of tennis. Other than that, they also excel in winter sports due to their mountainous land. They host many of the winter sports championships as well.

All Aboard

If you love trains like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, then Switzerland is the perfect place for you. The primary means of transportation are trains because of the innumerable tunnels. Their train system is not only elaborate but one of the most efficient in Europe.

All Aboard

Wait, that is not all! These trains don’t only use tunnels, but they go through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. So, not only can you easily get around but you can enjoy the views along the way!

High Employment

Switzerland has one of the world’s lowest unemployment rates. The countries economy is based around Banking, Insurance, and Pharmaceuticals. This has enabled the country to have a reasonably prosperous and stable economy.

High Employment

Moreover, most of the country’s populace possess a relatively high level of education and are specialized. This guarantees the populace to have a stable job, and even if they somehow end up unemployed, they can easily find a new place of employment.

Highest Salary and Job Security

Since efficient and specialized groups handle the entire economy of the country, the economy is more stable than most other countries. Moreover, the salary provided by the establishments is also one of the highest.

Highest Salary and Job Security

According to the OECD publication, Swiss adults have one of the highest salaries, beating economic giants like the U.S. Their stable economy and high salary have earned them the third spot among all the OECD countries.

Attracts Certain Tourists

Switzerland, with all the mountain peaks and numerous lakes, is one of the treasure troves for tourists. However, there is a particular class of tourists who visit Switzerland, not for its natural beauty but its law.

Attracts Certain Tourists

To be precise, the law states that anyone who in their sound mind can voice the wish to end their life is able to request AVD. This law has attracted many tourists who visited the country with the sole purpose of taking their own lives.

On Time

When the Calvinists banned the use of jewelry in 1541, it was the goldsmiths and jewelers in Geneva who invented watches. It is thanks to them that we can be in time for any function.

On Time

They didn’t only invent the watch but they have also utilized the invention to make themselves known to the watch industries in the world. So, no matter how punctual you think you are, it is thanks to the Swiss that you can be on time to catch that train.

Clean Cities

According to a recent report, Switzerland has the highest quality of life index. This is because it has two of the most livable cities in the world: Zurich and Geneva. Also, the air and water of their lakes have some of the highest purity levels in the current impure Earth.

Clean Cities

This is due to the clean and eco-friendly lifestyle of the Swiss. So, if you are thinking of littering while visiting Switzerland, think again.

Red Cross

Jean Henri Dunant, a Swiss, was awarded the very first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901. He was awarded this because of his formation of the Red Cross. The fact that the Swiss flag and Red Cross flag have a similar design is not a coincidence.

Red Cross

The flag is a simple color switch to show the proud Swiss origin of this world-renowned humanitarian organization. The Red Cross’s headquarters can be found in Geneva and has been standing proud since 1863.

Impressive Chemists

Yes, the Swiss have made many magnificent contributions to humankind. And according to many, one of the best contributions was made by the Swiss chemist, Albert Hofmann. He accidentally stumbled upon a chemical while trying to find a cure for migraines.

Impressive Chemists

Later, he found out about the psychedelic properties of this chemical. The chemical might not be a noteworthy invention for many, but it has opened the window for many other psychedelic substances that are used to cure mental disorders.

Child Naming Law

As a parent, you have the right to name your child whatever you wish, right? Well, that is not the case if your child is born in Switzerland. This is because Swiss law prohibits naming the child something that might damage their future interests.

Child Naming Law

This law even stopped Swiss musician Christine Lauterburg from calling her daughter Lexicon which is an ‘object’ and not a name. That is why you need to think twice before naming your child here!

Home of Relativity

Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics and the inventor of the mesmerizing theory of relativity, was a German by birth. That is not news to anyone, but the Theory of Relativity that relates mass and energy was proposed by him while studying in Berne, Switzerland.

Home of Relativity

This was after he revoked his German citizenship to avoid military duty. Because of this, Berne is considered the birthplace of Relativity. Pretty cool, right?

Hot-Air Balloon Festivals

Since it has mountains, the skies of Switzerland are not the safest for flying. That is why they use a hot-air balloon to fulfill their craving for flying. They love hot-air balloons so much that every year they hold a festival for this soul purpose.

Hot-Air Balloon Festivals

Every January, a colorful nine-day long hot air balloon festival is held. The festival takes place in the Château-d’Oex in the Vaud Alps. This festival has been celebrated since its origin in 1979.

Sacred Sundays

In most countries, a Sunday is a weekend when one does the chores of the house. Yet for the Swiss, a Sunday is not a day to mow the lawn or hang laundry outside.

Sacred Sundays

If one does anything to disturb the peace of silence on this day, that person is going to be frowned upon for eternity. So, just lay back and embrace your inner sloth while enjoying one of the best Sundays in your life while in Switzerland.

Belated Marriage

If you are sad because you are over 30 but do not have a significant half, then do not be disappointed. That is because, from a Swiss’s point of view, this is perfectly normal. The Swiss tend to marry later into their lives.

Belated Marriage

Moreover, the rate of separation in this country is as high as 40%. The average age for a swiss woman to have their first child is 30.4 years, which is pretty late compared to other European countries.

They Know How to Chill

With their impressive work ethic and employment rate, one might think that the Swiss people don’t know when to chill. On the contrary, the Swiss are super laid back and know how to chill after a days’ work.

They Know How to Chill

About 20% of the population are daily substance users. A recent study by Red Cross shows that 100 tons of substances are used by six hundred thousand people per year.

The Most Peaceful Country

It is already known that Switzerland is a peace-loving country. They are recognized as the oldest neutral country in the world. Switzerland is not only neutral in the case of global conflicts but also in the case of the global economy.

The Most Peaceful Country

They are not part of the European Union or the European Economic Area despite being located in central Europe. Unlike most of its neighboring countries, Switzerland is not a member of NATO. They also didn’t join United Nations prior to 2002.

Wired With Explosives

With its numerous mountains, it is no surprise that the country is riddled with tunnels and bridges. In fact, many of the major entry points are tunnels. The surprising fact is these major entry points are rigged to blow.

Wired With Explosives

In case of any foreign invasion, these explosives will block the path and slow down or stop the invasion. Though they may seem paranoid, they can’t be blamed due to the threats after the two World Wars.

They Print Nobel Winners

The Nobel Prize is one of the most renowned awards one can achieve, in fact, it is the most prestigious global award. Since its start in 1901, it has awarded many individuals to date. Among the ones who won, 28 Nobel Prizes have been claimed by Switzerland.

They Print Nobel Winners

They produced many Nobel Laureates, from Henry Dunant, who got the first Nobel Peace Prize, to Michel Mayor, who got one on Physics in 2019.

45 Things Japan Can Teach The World About Balanced Living

Order Order!

The Japanese are a disciplined population. They observe order in every aspect of their life. You will never see them pushing or bumping into each other. Be it a store or a public space, they know how to observe order.

Order order!

Even at a train station packed with a thousand people will have the people line up and patiently wait for their turn to get on the train while respecting each other’s personal space. Such order!

Clean Up

This country is known to have one of the world’s most elaborate garbage disposal systems. It is not very simple. They learn to sort garbage right at home and they have many instructions to follow while doing so.

Clean Up

For instance, the guidelines for sorting garbage in Nihama city has a 42-page manual which describes in detail how every kind of waste should be treated. And the Japanese follow these instructions diligently.

The Shisa Kanko Way

Sometimes we are not aware of the things we do. The Shisa Kanko improves our awareness by making at point to the objects we are engaging with and say what we are doing out loud.

The Shisa Kanko way

For example, to remember if you have turned off the stove, you have to point at it and say out loud, “I have turned off the stove,” and then leave home. This way you will remember for sure that you have not left the stove on.

The Concept of Wa

The Japanese believe that harmony in things in your surroundings can bring harmony to your mind and soul. If you look at the picture, the women are trying to maintain the alignment in the arrangement of cups.

The Concept of Wa

This is called Wa, which literally translates to harmony. Wa is a concept which states that you can seek harmony from anywhere you wish to – from interpersonal communication to the arrangement of items.

All for Cosplay

You can never be bored in a country like Japan. They have Karaoke and Cosplay, among many other things to do, to take a break after a long week of work. Karaoke bars are popular all over the country where people sing to their favorite songs.

All for Cosplay

Cosplay is when they dress up as their favorite anime characters. And their detailing is quite specific. People spend quite a bit on the costumes so it is very similar to the actual characters.

Culture of Politeness

The Japanese are very polite. Their culture teaches them to be so. They are taught countless ways to be polite like table manners, addressing people, gestures, etc. The idea is to be respectful towards others, especially elders, teachers, bosses, guests or clients.

Culture of politeness

They always put others first. Just look at the image above and how the attendants are bowing to welcome the first customers into their store. How many countries have you seen something like this?

Wagasi With Tea

Do you enjoy drinking tea? Then here is a bonus. The Japanese accompany tea-drinking with traditional sweets called wagasi. You will find that these sweets are available in different shapes and styles. Some are seasonal while some are available all year round.

Wagasi with tea

They are made so meticulously and well that each of them look like a work of art. The main ingredient used as a filling is sweet Azuki bean paste.

The Kaizen Principle

The Japanese believe in the principle of Kaizen, which states that any task that you take on, whether it is easy, tough or complicated, can be accomplished in smaller steps. What does this mean?

The Kaizen principle

It means that if you start reading a massive book, you will definitely finish reading it if you spare half an hour for it every day. So, you can achieve a lot if you do it every day, without fail.

Small Yet Comfy Spaces

The world should learn from Japan on how to make the most out of the least. If you see the houses in Japan, they are small and have limited space. This is a common sight in this country.

Small yet comfy spaces

They rarely have huge houses with French windows or an indoor garden, among other things. But despite this crunch for space, you will find everything a person needs to live comfortably in a house.

The Wabi-Sabi Philosophy

The Japanese believe that there is beauty in everything, perfect and imperfect. This philosophy is called Wabi-Sabi. To explain this, we can use the example of Kintsugi, a principle which involves fixing broken ceramics a certain way.

The Wabi-Sabi philosophy

The lacquer used to put the broken ceramics together is mixed with golden, silver or platinum powder. This gives the cracks a shine instead of concealing them. It is an impressive lesson of cherishing things the way they are.

Cat Cafés

It is not common for people to have pets in Japan. Lesser space, strict rental agreements and a busy lifestyle are some of the reasons. So having pet cafes are a great way of boosting your mood and building positive emotions.

Cat cafés

Japan is the first country to have cat cafés or Neko Café in the world. They are a great way of taking care of stray cats. Many cities in the world are adopting this concept and encouraging people to adopt pets.

Hello Robot!

Japan is the land of robotics. They have some of the best and state-of-the-art gadgets to boasts. They have gadgets that can make your life easy and fun too.

Hello robot!

For example, you will find a mask that helps you apply lipstick the right away or a cone for applying eye drops carefully. There are several such creations. The picture above features a robot working as an attendant at a store in Japan.

Healthy Diet

If you look at the statistics, you will see that Japan is the leader in life expectancy. This means that when the Japanese say something about eating healthy and having a balanced diet, they know what they are talking about.

Healthy diet

So, pay close attention. A staple Japanese meal includes fresh fish and seafood, veggies, seaweed and a generous serving of rice. So, if you want to live a long life, you might want to follow the Japanese way of life.

Caring for the Aged

The Japanese believe in taking care of their elderly so that they can lead a comfortable life. They even celebrate Respect for the Aged Day every September. As per their culture, the eldest kid of the family takes on the responsibility of caring for the aged parents.

Caring for the aged

They either stay in the same house together or enroll them in a reputed institution. Ignoring your old parents is frowned upon in Japan.

Pink and Beautiful

Cherry blossoms are beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring only for a brief period. They are so beautiful that the Japanese celebrate a festival called Hanami in commemoration of these flowers. People from all over the world visit the country to take in this sight.

Pink and beautiful

Hanami literally means flower viewing, meaning enjoying the view of cherry blossoms. These flowers represent the nature of life and death. It helps you appreciate the present.

Not So Steamy

You know how your mirror steams up after a hot shower? It is fun to write little messages on them. It becomes a little difficult to dress up with a foggy mirror. What do you do then? Wipe the mirror with your hand?

Not so steamy

Here is a better idea. You can install this awesome Japanese mirror which is built with a heating element that keeps the mirror from fogging up. Dress to your heart’s content!

Throwaway the Chewing Gum

Have you been in a situation where you didn’t know how and where to dispose your chewing gum? Of course you have. Most of us have been in this situation. But the Japanese may be an exception to this.

Throwaway the chewing gum

The gum they sell comes with a small piece of paper that looks a lot like a post-it note. So, when they need to get rid of their gum, they simply use this paper.

No Shovel Necessary

The winters in North Japan are very cold. There is snow everywhere and you can enjoy a ski vacation too. With snow everywhere, it can get a little dangerous to walk on the streets or the sidewalks.

No shovel necessary

So, the Japanese have come up with a system to heat the roads that will remove the ice, making it safe for pedestrians to walk during the winters. These systems are powered by hot springs and solar electricity.

Disposable Toilets

There are times when you just need to go to a bathroom and there isn’t one in sight. This could lead to untoward incidents. To avoid such instances, the Japanese buy disposable toilets.

Disposable toilets

They are portable and absorb the smell and gelify liquids. These things make life super easy. In case you are going on a road trip and have children in accompaniment, then these little tools come in handy.

Sock Alert

The long socks are part of the Japanese school uniform. You may have seen them on anime as well. They tend to have cold weather so these socks protect children’s legs and keep them warm.

Sock alert

But these socks often lose their elasticity and roll down, which can be really annoying. To fix this problem, the Japanese have a specific type of glue that helps them keep their socks in place.

Curing Cold Sores

Cold sores are terrible; they hurt and take a while to heal. But when these things appear inside your mouth, it is worse. You cannot eat, you are constantly in pain and most of all – you feel frustrated.

Curing cold sores

These little tabs invented by the Japanese are a great solution to them. All you have to do is apply them on the cold sore and the healing begins almost instantly. The pain also decreases right away.

Fewer Trash Cans

The Japanese are much attuned to their surroundings, especially when it comes to maintaining cleanliness. When you visit Japan, you will see that there are very few trash cans around.

Fewer trash cans

People here are in the habit of carrying plastic bags of trash with them. They deposit the garbage in the right trash can when they come across one. Some people even pick up trash on the road, if they see it.

Liquid Band-Aids

To emphasize how eco-friendly the Japanese are, here is another example. They do not use normal band-aids because these are not made of biodegradable materials. They have something called as the liquid bandage. It is nothing but surgical glue.

Liquid band-aids

It is water-proof and enables the wound to heal. It is pretty easy to apply too. You can also use it for wounds that have cracked edges on them. Easy peasy!

Technology Open Doors

How many times have you momentarily lost your key and wondered if there was a technology where you would not need keys at all? Enter Japan. In this country, you do not need keys. People here have card readers to open their doors.

Technology open doors

Some of them use RFID chips, biometrics or even phone applications to open their doors. You know what this means? Japan never has any keys to lose and so they are always on time for any occasion.

Eco-Friendly Plates

Whenever there is a party at home, we bring out the disposable plates that could lead to a lot of plastic waste. But Japan is not that way. Like we mentioned before, they are very ecologically conscious. While the world has just started transitioning towards eco-friendly dishes, Japan has been doing it for years.

Eco-friendly plates

They use plates made out of bamboo. Yeah, the ones we see Pandas eating. They grow fast, the bamboo, not the Pandas. They are durable and do no damage to the planet either.

Mask On!

People in Japan are very health conscious as well. If they fall sick, they always make sure that they wear a mask, when they are in public. This is so that they do not pass on their disease causing bacteria to someone else. How considerate!

Mask on!

In fact, when they reach home, they wash their hands, brush their teeth and gargle to keep their infections at bay. It is like they can do no wrong.

Please Be Seated

Do you ever sit down while taking a shower? It is very common to sit down while taking a shower in Japan. It is easier to gauge the water temperature when you are sitting before you jump in.

Please be seated

So, you will notice that the bathrooms in Japan have a drain right in the middle of the floor. This is convenient because it becomes easier to clean up after a shower.

Easy Control

If you are a control freak, then you are going to love this. Japanese homes have a control panel in their rooms that allows them to control many things, including something like starting the tub in the bathroom.

Easy control

You can control the temperature and humidity of the room as well. In fact, for those who dry their clothes in the bathroom, which is pretty common BTW, you can speed up the drying process with just one button.

Space Efficiency

Like we mentioned before, the lack of space does not deprive the Japanese people from having a comfortable life. For instance, there is a small oven under their gas burner. This lets them heat up food or grill it too.

Space Efficiency

If you look at the image here, you can see that it is quite small but big enough to get your work done. Makes you wonder just how resourceful these wonderful people are.

Fun and Funny Food

Sure, there is no separate MasterChef Japan show running on air like the ones in Australia or USA but the Japanese also like their food to look good. Can you imagine convincing children to eat boring-looking food and being successful at that?

Fun and funny food

This is exactly why there are so many devices that help you stylize foods. From a chef in a popular restaurant to a Mom in a kitchen, everyone uses them.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Raising kids in lesser space is no easy task. They need a lot of things, which is why this 2-in-1 desk is a wonderful piece of furniture to have. It can be used as a children’s study desk as well as a storage space to put toys away.

Multi-purpose furniture

In the process, you are serving the purpose of the desk and also keeping your home neat and tidy. How wonderful is that?

News That Grows

One of the newspaper publishers had real seeds integrated in their newspaper. You know what this means? It means that once you are done reading this newspaper, you could put it in a pot and have real plants grow from it.

News that grows

This ecologically conscious nation just comes up with one ingenious plan after another. Why aren’t all the countries in the world doing this? World! It is time to learn from Japan.

Hidden Storage

Have you seen those movies where the villain is trying to get hold of a kid who hides in some cellar-like storage space below the floorboards? Well, the Japanese have one of them too.

Hidden storage

Due to lack of space, the Japanese try to make the most out of what they have. The small space they have between the foundation and the floor is used for storage purposes. It is a clever use of space.

Collagen-Filled Hair Dryer

How many times have we heard that applying too much heat to your hair can damage them? Do you even keep count anymore? Of course, the Japanese have a solution to this.

Collagen-filled hair dryer

One genius invented a hair dryer that has a collagen-filled cartridge. They disperse the particles into your hair which in turn helps with your scalp’s health. No wonder, the Japanese have such beautiful hair that is easy to experiment with.

Cleanliness at Its Best

You may be someone who practices hygiene but you cannot beat the Japanese at that for sure. They are known the world over for having innovative bathrooms. This sink is one such example.

Cleanliness at its best

All you have to do is put your hands forward, under the sensor, and the sink automatically dispenses soap and water. Isn’t that just cool? It saves space plus you do not have to touch anything while your hands are dirty.

Free From Chemicals

There are thousands of chemical face peels available in the market. You may have seen many influencers use them on the gram and promote them. Not all of them are good for your face. Definitely not as gentle as water.

Free from chemicals

Taking inspiration from the flawlessness of water, a Japanese inventor created a device that helps you execute a face peel with water. Now you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals at all.

Grab That Snack Tong

When you are throwing a party in Japan, it is only natural to leave a few snack tongs next to all the food. Why? Well, some people do not always wash their hands and you do not want them touching food that is meant for everyone.

Grab that snack tong

You can have people use the snack tongs to get chips that are at the bottom of the bag and be worry-free all evening.

Lonely No More

Not everyone is lucky enough to have found a boyfriend/ girlfriend they can snuggle with at night. So, dear single friends, if you are from Japan, here is a little something for you too.

Lonely no more

You can get these full-body pillows with pictures of popular anime characters or actors on them. These were initially invented for little kids, but their popularity has made them a favorite among adults too. Adding to cart, now!

Seasonal Diet

There are people who live sustainably by sourcing their food locally. The Japanese also follow sustainable ways of living by following a seasonal diet. They choose to eat foods that are available only during that time of the year.

Seasonal diet

As a result, you will notice that some of their food combinations are quite unusual. They do not waste food. In fact, you will see that the Japanese palate includes a lot of dried or pickled foods.

Splash Me Not

The worst part about adulting is definitely cleaning the toilet. It is always the last thing to do on the list and more dreaded. The thought of water splashing while cleaning can give you so many nightmares.

Splash me not

But why fear when the Japanese are here? They have a special toilet cleaning brush that can clean your toilet with a press of a button. There is a cloth attached to this brush which you can flush once you are done cleaning.

VR for the Elders

Virtual reality is being used in a lot of different ways. From learning how to drive, conducting virtual fire drills to testing your dancing skills, it has evolved over the years. But it is primarily still used for gaming.

VR for the elders

In Japan, older gamers can keep their mind and body agile by immersing themselves into the virtual world. Healthier life is a happier life. Let’s make the most of this technology.

Combo Technology

Innovators have designed responsive technology for years. They have built things so as to easily accommodate new tech. If you look at this image here, you will know exactly what we are talking about.

Combo Technology

This sewing machine in the picture was built with a slot for this blue Gameboy, which helps navigate the machine to sew away. Only somebody totally cool would think of building such a rad sewing machine.

Do You Hear That?

How many times have you been to a public bathroom only to learn that your neighbor can hear everything you are doing? It can be a little embarrassing at times. This has been one of the major reasons why people refuse to use public bathrooms.

Do You Hear That?

But the Japanese ones have a control panel like the one shown in the picture that offers music to uphold your privacy. These guys are really considerate, aren’t they?

Jumping in the Puddle

Imagine that you went to a school that encouraged you to jump in puddles of water. How wonderful would that have been? Some kids in Japan get to experience this at their preschool.

Jumping in the puddle

The preschool authorities collect the rainwater into a central area and allow the kids to have a great time during their recess. Would you really say no to this if your office offered it? We know we wouldn’t.

Feel It Out

There are people who suffer various impairments. As a visually impaired person, life can be quite difficult. Getting from place A to place B is not without its challenges.

Feel it out

Of course, when you have been to that place a million times, it is easier but what do you do when you do not know the place very well? To make travel easier for the visually impaired, cities in Japan have these patterns on their floors.