Turning Travel Photos into Home Decor in a Creative Way

You might be a travel enthusiast or you might just enjoy the scenery from different places around the world, but either way, the beautiful and exotic photos that come out of any trip abroad can be put to good use.

By displaying your favorite travel photos, you can bring back the joy from your trips into your everyday life. Make your home more personal and keep those memories alive by turning your old photographs into home decor.

Home decor photos
Turning Travel Photos into Home Decor in a Creative Way

Follow these tips to help:

Frame Your Photos

Digital photo frames are an easy way to display your photos and travel images. Most are Wi-Fi enabled which means that you can link them to certain storage services and change the pictures that are being displayed as often as you would like. This takes away from making a huge commitment to printing photos, finding the right size frames, etc.

Create a Photo Book for the Coffee Table

While albums may look cool, photo books allow for you to get more creative with your photos and also allow for more unique and personalized designs that can match the style of your home. Placing one of these custom photo books on the coffee table in the living room can be a nice way to greet your guests or simply enjoy your coffee as you reminisce on your travel adventures.

Photo books can be organized by color, theme, and specific trips. You can add collages with smaller images or put one image on each page.

Put Up a Wall Mural or Photo Wall

modern interior design wall mural
Turning Travel Photos into Home Decor in a Creative Way

Your travel photos are likely to be larger than life. With photo wall murals, you can feel as if you’re sleeping on a luxurious beach or ин a Scandinavian forest. Measure the size of your wall, take your travel photo, and create custom wallpaper.

Photo walls can be great for grouping different kinds of travel photos. You can place them in different sized frames and hang them in a creative manner.

3 Best and Must-See Islands of Greece

The Greek islands have won international acclaim for being the perfect holiday getaways for romance, wine, azure waters, and glorious sunsets. But with over 200 islands with their own unique attractions, choosing just a few can be tricky. Tune into our guide of the top 3 islands to help you plan your perfect dream holiday.


Santorini, arguably Greece’s most famous island is a spectacular blend of pristine beaches and immaculately whitewashed architectural marvels. Santorini’s largest island Thira with its bustling tourist towns of Fira and Oia is a great place to spend the day. For a quieter getaway, find solace in the laidback beaches of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni. From unique beaches with red and black sand, archaeological ruins of the ancient Roman Empire, and the forgotten town of Akrotiri, to spectacular views of Caldera, a stunning turquoise pool at the center of the island, Santorini will take your breath away. Soak it all in to make create memories of a lifetime!


Head to the lush green haven of Corfu islands and enjoy citrus and olive trees coupled with uninterrupted views of the pebbly beaches and serene cobalt blue waters. So idyllic is this Greek island that it made the perfect setting for Homer’s Greta Greek epics! No wonder that Corfu is the preferred getaway for tourists who want to escape from the din and hustle of city life, and unwind amidst Nature. Palaio Frourio (Old Fortress) and the Corfu Museum of Asian Art are exceptional historical and religious attractions. Paleokastritsa Monastery and the Corfu Donkey Rescue are unique in their own right and must-visits while at Corfu!


From balmy and palm-studded beaches, Emerald forests as well as bustling cities amidst ancient ruins, you are spoilt for a choice of things to do on this Sunny isle. The spirited vibe of Crete lends itself to numerous taverns to dine at, raki at sidewalk cafes, stylish bars, and nightclubs, mainly in the Northern parts of Chania or Heraklion. And for those who seek sun and the sea, fear not, for Rethymnon or Agios Nikolaos beaches hold the promise of the great outdoors.